Welcome to the Chaospatinnen

Who are the Chaospatinnen for?

You’ve always wanted to go to the Chaos Communication Congress and are interested in topics such as privacy, security, hardware hacking or network policies, but have so far had little-to-no connection to the community? Perhaps, you've visited Congress, but you have the impression that you are not one of these “hackers” and the feeling that you do not fit in just right? Are you a non-male hacker or member of another under-represented group and unsure if you will feel comfortable? Do you have specific needs that make your participation difficult?

Then we would like to welcome you to Congress and make it easier for you to get started!

Feel welcome at the Chaos Communication Congress with the Chaos mentors!
You've come to the right place and we would like to help you to have an exciting and beautiful stay. As a “Chaospatenkind” you get a godparent assigned and a group that suits you. Before Congress, the godparents are available for your questions, will welcome you on the first day and explore congress with you. Together we will find out where there are interesting workshops and talks for you, and we are there for you as contact point if you need us. Before Congress we also act as the contact person for your questions, concerns, needs or wishes.

How does it work?

Registration until December 8th

You have until December 8th to register. Please register as soon as possible as we will begin to create the groups before the 8th of December. Tell us a bit about yourself, for example what attracted you to Congress, why you turned to the chaos mentors, what you are interested in and if you have specific needs. This way, we can find a suitable godparent for you and put together a group with similar interests. Your chaos mentor will contact you and your group before the congress so you can get to know each other. At the congress you are an affinity group and can explore the congress together.